Short movies

Erpe-Mere (2019)

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-19 om 20.27.27.png

Directed by Noemi Osselaer

Composers: Noemi Osselaer, Yale Song, and Jérémie De Witte.

Surrounded by the sound of nocturnal animals, a girl falls into a deep sleep. Gradually we are drawn into her dream, which unfolds into a cosmic journey through the meadows of Erpe-Mere.

EUPLEA (2019)


A deserted, mysterious island in the Bay of Naples draws the attention of Eva, a young woman from Paris. The paradise-like, mythical surrounding at the foot of the Vesuvius volcano helps her to discover herself. All her worries seem to be forgotten for an instance when she strikes up a friendship with three Neapolitan youngsters.

Directed by Jade Madoe


Arthur Pauwelyn
Jérémie De Witte


Best cinematographer (Prisma 2019)

Best leading actress (Prisma 2019)

Best Short film (Prisma 2019)


directed by Philippe De Witte

composer: Jérémie De Witte




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